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Operation D3 - A Science Fiction Novel by P.F. Donato


Operation ʤ Reviews

If you’re into Science Fiction - Apocalyptic - Military - Horror - Thriller - Suspense - Action - Adventure - Fantasy novels than you’ll love Operation D3!! Sold at, Barnes & Noble, Google play, Apple iTunes, or order through an independent bookstore near you. Check out Operation ʤ Reviews Below OR Go To for more information.
“I’ve greatly enjoyed working on Operation d3. It’s an interesting story, with a lot of action and twists, and the characters are well drawn.
You do a good job blending science fiction and action, keeping things moving fast while throwing mind-warping theoretical concepts at the reader in a way that makes them seem entertaining rather than baffling. The dimensional portals, and particularly the way you explain that an entire dimension can be sucked into another dimension, give the reader a lot to think about. Natalie is a compelling lead character, and the villains are all generally well-written and interesting.
You’ve got…