Operation ʤ Reviews

If you’re into Science Fiction - Apocalyptic - Military - Horror - Thriller - Suspense - Action - Adventure - Fantasy novels than you’ll love Operation D3!! Sold at Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Google play, Apple iTunes, or order through an independent bookstore near you. Check out Operation ʤ Reviews Below OR Go To www.facebook.com/PFDonato for more information.

“I’ve greatly enjoyed working on Operation d3. It’s an interesting story, with a lot of action and twists, and the characters are well drawn.
You do a good job blending science fiction and action, keeping things moving fast while throwing mind-warping theoretical concepts at the reader in a way that makes them seem entertaining rather than baffling. The dimensional portals, and particularly the way you explain that an entire dimension can be sucked into another dimension, give the reader a lot to think about. Natalie is a compelling lead character, and the villains are all generally well-written and interesting.
You’ve got a good concept, compelling characters, some genuinely surprising plot twists and some vivid imagery and descriptions.”
- Editor, Kevin Anderson & Associates
"I love your writing. It is immediate, authentic and very accessible.
The concept of the story is unique and extremely interesting, perfectly targeted for SciFi readers. I found your exploration of the delicate interrelationship between the living and the dead, government conspiracy and the use interdimensionality in plot wonderfully creative and compelling."
- Paul Dinas, Book Editor
"This is an ambitious undertaking, but, oh, how you deliver!
The story is remarkably well envisioned; there’s such phenomenal texture, both horizontally and vertically (the fence not as limiting as one might imagine). The sheer amount of forethought that must have gone into the crafting is something I imagine many readers will sense. There’s a firm conveyance of effort and commitment and absolute passion on your part, which makes readers feel valued and considered as you plotted and planned this incredible scape."
- Reviewer assessment, Kevin Anderson & Associates
"Let me first say that I am very impressed by this novel of yours. It crackles with nonstop action and loads of guts and flesh-chomping gore, along with featuring snappy dialogue and complicated, twisty plotting. The writing is energetic, fast-paced, soundly grammatical, colorful, and just plain good. The story pulls the reader in—like those sucky portals—and again like the portals, it’s hard to get out of. Once you’re in, it’s turn the page or die. It is a riveting read."
- John DeChancie, Author
"This is an engaging and dramatic plot. I was quite amazed by the quantity and quality of the dialogue and the fast-pace of the dramatic content. Also found it wonderful to read about a heroine, a leading character who happened to be female. Natalie is your heroine, your protagonist. She’s probably, theoretically at least, the most interesting main character I’ve encountered in a long time. The premise of the story is fresh and engaging and well, FRESH. I can’t think of anything quite like it and I have read a lot of apocalyptic literature."
- Developmental Editor, Writer's Digest
"This is an excellent science fiction horror/thriller. Your world building is a huge strength and I fell right into the story. The villains are fantastically gruesome and terrifying."
- Coordinator assessment, Kevin Anderson & Associates
“I was lucky enough to read Operation d3 before it will hit shelves; P.F. Donato's ability to develop and explain a world as rich, enigmatic, and terrifying as this one left me in awe, and the constant gruesome trials her strong, witty protagonist must overcome kept me more than invested in her unique story. I can't wait to see more from this author!”
- Beta Reader, Averi
“I had the pleasure and the privilege of reading Operation D3 as an early test reader. I was sucked in from the opening paragraph!! The twists and turns and ideas in this book are amazing. How the Author PF Donato came up with this story line, I do not know but I do know that I cannot wait to read more! Such detail and development of the characters made this an enjoyable and mind bending read. Brava Ms. Donato!!!”
- Beta Reader, Michelle
“I’ve had the honor of helping to copy edit her books, and her ability to create worlds is mind blowing. Her characters are believable and likable, while her monsters are bone chilling.”
- Copy Editor, Mary