P.F. Donato

Inspiring Novelist and Author

P.F. Donato has published and forthcoming work, including a science fiction novel called Operation D3 and a romantic fantasy trilogy, Anaiah and the Cursed Souls. She has also created a community in Twitter for writers, authors, and readers alike to connect, motivate, learn, and have fun.

P.F. Donato also donates her time to charities. Her latest endeavor was raising awareness for brain injured children. The charity she sponsored has celebrated its 5 year anniversary and has donated many materials to local hospitals for brain injured children. We wish them many more successful years in helping these children.


Writing became a passion in my earlier years to escape this world. It was a place to hide in my own thoughts where no one could find me.


I struggled with dyslexia in school, but that doesn’t mean us dyslexic people can’t write. It’s quite the opposite. For me, my brain functions better with writing than speaking.


If I get stuck on a section of my book, I find doodling or sketching the scene helps draw inspiration.


I love hopping on my bike and soaking in the sun on warm days, but there’s something magical about riding in the fall. That beautiful autumn foliage with its cool, crisp breeze, makes riding all worthwhile.


When I'm not writing, I’m always taking pictures of the sky and landscape.


I’m currently in the process of completing my trilogy, Anaiah and the Cursed Souls, before querying for an agent.