Anaiah Volume Two

Anaiah and the Cursed Souls: Volume Two

Despite her defeat, Anaiah soon learns that her destiny is not complete. Faced with the prophecy that she will turn against Amayntas, Anaiah is forced to fight for herself, her family, her friends, and all of humanity if she is to prevent the fall of the realms and lose the Battle Within.

Fighting alongside unlikely partners, Anaiah draws strength from not only the protectors, but the wolmutes, humboars, and molorns as they work together to end the reign of evil once and for all. But knowing her own prophecy is both a destiny and a curse as the Domination of the Realms rises. Will Anaiah be victorious this time and succeed in saving Amayntas? If she does, will she survive?

A Story About


As darkness covers the lands, the Protectors join forces to save the realms. But with it also comes trouble. Will they be cursed for all eternity?


Faced with the prophecy that she will turn against Amayntas, can Anaiah overcome her fear of what lies ahead? And if she does, will she survive?


Infernum - Celestis - Amayntas - Ephinus - Silvarum - Destrom

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