New Order: Volume Three

With no more separation between the realms, Amayntas is finally called paradise once again. Mortals, immortals, and creatures alike are living in peace and prosperity. But a secret is about to be revealed. There is one who is not at rest as the Fall of the Righteous has doomed them all.

Only days away from giving birth, her sons will shock the entire nation bringing about the Dawn of the Evanescent. But with it also brings creatures worse than any other that had previously existed. Now the brothers must pit off against each other as the final battle between good and evil begins.

A Story About


The brothers face off in a battle between good and evil. Can the goodness fight against the wickedness that haunts the lands and prevail?


The twins find out their destiny and are sworn to fight against each other, but will their connection destroy them both?


Infernum - Celestis - Amayntas - Ephinus - Silvarum - Destrom

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