How I Write

My approach to writing is like baking a cake. For example, this is my ingredients for Operation D3: Take a mixture of Science Fiction and Fantasy, with a slice of Military, a dash of Suspense, sprinkle in Thriller, add a dapple of Action, stir in Adventure, combine with Apocalyptic, and top with Horror.

    For me, I can’t work at a desk. My pups need to be by my side. Without them, I would never write so I have to choose a couch, bed, or some sort of makeshift spot where not only I, but my pups can sit. It’s never comfortable for me, but at least they’re happy.


    My work times are crazy. I hardly sleep, so I continue to work. I spend countless hours between my manuscripts, writing projects, posting on several social media sites, organizing and researching data, updating website information, blogging, and keeping up the ever-changing times. My eyes feel like they’re bleeding by the end of the night. The one thing I try to do is take weekends off. But if I check my sites and see several hundred people replied to my posts, then I’m doomed. I end up online for hours.


    No matter how far away you are from civilization, there'll always be distractions and it’ll throw off your momentum. So what do I do? I take a break, walk the pups, have lunch, whatever it is that gives me time to refocus, then I’m back to work!

My Tools

My Most Important Tools

Life has knocked me down a few times. It showed me things I never wanted to see. I experienced many sadness and failures... But one thing for sure I ALWAYS GET UP.


Main Working Principles

The Most Important Steps To Follow

Write A Lot

“Write. Write more. Write even more. Write even more than that. Write when you don’t want to. Write when you do. Write when you have something to say. Write when you don’t. Write every day. Keep writing.” ― Brian Clark

Read A Lot

“If you are going to get anywhere in life you have to read a lot of books.” ― Roald Dahl

Spread Your Ideas

Use an excerpt of your book - Share the manifesto - Build a tribe - Participate in communities - Reward people - Create stuff ― Jeff Goins Publishing