Science Fiction Apocalyptic Operation D3 2 Book Cover

Operation D3 2

Thrown into desolation, Natalie and her newfound friends form a bond as they struggle to stay alive. With supplies running low, they search the countryside for food and water, but it leads them to a disturbing place. Unknown of the origin of this test site, Natalie realizes she is faced with a more difficult dilemma but must keep her attention on the matters at hand.


As Natalie continues to try and keep peace among the homondie, half-life’s, and the outsiders, a new threat has been revealed. Someone has found Jameson’s serum and is injecting it into the outsiders as they sleep, creating a new breed of human and homondie to use as an army for a takeover. Can Natalie find the culprit that wants to rule it all before their annihilation?

A Story About


As Natalie focuses on her survival, she stumbles upon a new breed of creatures. Can she uncover the mysteries of this new threat?


Someone is creating an army of the undead for an invasion and the survivors are forced into a battle they were not prepared for.


Homondiem, merely a shadow of our world, tucked away between life and death, is now reality. Can it be controlled before it destroys the human race?

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