I wrote this 777 word poem out of the blue in only minutes. I wanted to leave it fresh, in draft form, to show what is inside my mind and how it works “Live.”

Mystical darkness clouds my mind

Forever in the shadows of time

Lost in a sea of lust

Forever betrayed my trust

The darkness within his soul

Refuses to let go

The hunger that it craves

Will forever haunt his grave

There is no end to our pain

For we both feel the strain

Will this demon ever let go

Only God knows

Please God let it stop

I feel weak and will drop

Help me to be strong

And evade his charm

For it will never last

Neither present nor past

Because evil cannot hide for long

But I must be strong

Before he reveals himself

And bribes me with riches and wealth

But I will not fall for his lies

As he tries to hide

Now the demon surfaces and takes a stand

He wants me to take his hand

How much more must I endure

And how many times will he lure

As the demon within slithers out

There is no telling what may bout

It crawls out of the darkness

Covered with bliss

To think he has won

But his time has come

Now we must finish this and be done

Before the morning sun

Cast upon us a new day

To rid us of the ones who prey

Upon the young and weak

For this new day looks bleak

Can we cast out the evil for good

We can only try if we could

Before he harms again

And lures the good to befriend

But the coward hides in a cave

I must be brave

To face him head on

From the darkest hour until dawn

No matter his charm

He will do harm

I follow him to end this

No matter the sentence

Once you are in his grasp

You will never last

The never-ending pain that he will cause

Will make you want to pause

You need to stand up for yourself

Or your suffering will forever be his wealth

You must release your pain

And give it up in vain

Only a fraction of the mortals will

But he will never subside if you are still

You must attack head on

And be strong

For goodness will overcome

And he will be done

His deceit will be exposed

As we prepare ourselves we must be posed

And be ready for whatever may come to pass

Remember the pain will not last

Will the suffering ever end

It would only be a godsend

His treachery can never hide

As long as you remain by his side

And take that plunge through his heart

But that is only the start

He will grunt and groan in pain

But it will always be the same

He will ask for your forgiveness

But do not think of him any less

He lies and will do whatever it takes

The mortal world is at stake

He will shower you with love and then deceit

It will not be long before he will retreat

To begin his peril once again

And leave a mark of sin

So do not be a fool

He is only using it as a tool

To bring you back into his gates

The hell he has thrown upon us will be your fate

It will eventually fall apart as the lies

Come to surface as he tries

To regain control, but it will fade

As long as you do not stray

He will shower you with gifts

No matter what, do not drift

Away from the truth and take part

To rid him from this world to begin a new start

Of brighter days ahead

As the world is led

Only then can the lies be controlled

As we swathe him in his wretched clothes

And shun him back to hell where he belongs

To do us no more harm

He holds his head in shame

And must leave from whence he came

Knowing he has failed

He gave one final wail

Then back into the darkness of my mind

To where I put him to rest with his own kind

He looks at me one last time

Noting his judgement to his crime

The evil portrayed in his face

Cannot be masked, it is only disgraced

Before he departs, he finds

That for now, it is his time

Not to say goodbye

But to say I will only be saved if I die

He knows he will be back again

To torment me to the end

It is the control he wants

Before he departs

For it is all he knows

And that is what he will bestow

As evil will always show through

My faith will always be true

© Copyright 2019 P.F. Donato

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