November 11, 2020

Bucket list #8 – Pennsylvania: Since we had to pause our New England tour due to Covid-19, we took a few days off and headed for Lancaster, PA. As we set off on our new adventure, Teah & Teddy tried to share the doggie bed. They somehow squeeze in together, but it didn’t last long….

November 13, 2019

Bucket list #7 ~ Massachusetts. Our first stop was Castle Island. It’s a peninsula in South Boston on the shore of Boston Harbor. In 1928, Castle Island was connected to the mainland by a narrow strip of land and is no longer an island. It is currently a 22-acre recreation site and the location of…

August 21, 2019

Teddy’s 13th birthday was on August 1st. He had a special treat from Rita’s Italian Ice. Of course, his sister got one too!