Teddy & Teah’s Adventures #9

Bucket List #9 – Florida Trip: Starting at Pennsylvania, we went through Philadelphia to Maryland. They sat in the back with their seatbelts on and behaved very well. As we drove through Baltimore and Washington DC, we took a few breaks and let the pups walk around. Teah was excited at each stop and she wanted to go out first while Teddy was waiting patiently for his turn.

Back on the road again, we headed through Alexandria, Virginia, and stopped at Richmond, then to Rocky Mount, North Carolina where we stayed for the night. When we finally made it to the hotel, the pups were tired but they did get a bunch of loving attention as we were welcomed into the hotel. After a nice hearty meal, they decided they had enough for the day and took up the whole bed. How could two little pups need such a big bed for themselves and now where am I going to sleep?

We stayed overnight and were back on the road the next morning. We headed to South of the Border and through South Carolina to Savannah, Georgia. Took a few breaks in between, and then drove and all the way to Cocoa Beach, Florida. We sat on the pier and enjoyed the view.

Upset that we adhered to the posted sign, the seagull flew away to find another unsuspecting visitor.

During our trip, we visited 14 cities and went to 45 places. The weather was fantastic and that allowed us to eat outside at multiple restaurants, and as usual, the pups had a great time with everyone giving them so much loving attention. We made the journey back home from Florida to Pennsylvania. The pups did good in the car for such a long trip.

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