Teddy & Teah’s Adventures #8

Bucket list #8 – Pennsylvania: Since we had to pause our New England tour due to Covid-19, we took a few days off and headed for Lancaster, PA.

As we set off on our new adventure, Teah & Teddy tried to share the doggie bed. They somehow squeeze in together, but it didn’t last long. Teddy decided that he had enough and spread out on the seat beside it.


Once we settled in at our hotel, we stopped at the Green Dragon Farmers Market located on a 60-acre site in Ephrata Township. There were many sights to see and other dogs were also relishing the warm weather. The pups enjoyed the ride in their carriage and the attention they got from passerby’s.

Our next stop was the Lititz Springs Park. Teah and Teddy barked at the ducks but the ducks didn’t mind and one actually seemed to laugh at Teah for all her shenanigans. As we walked along the waterway, Teah decided to chase after a squirrel, but her chase led her to step on a bee, only to find out the squirrel was faster than her and it ran up a tree. Her foot swelled up and she couldn’t put pressure on it to walk. We had to cut our trip short so we could get her back to the hotel and put ice on it. Teah rested comfortably until the swelling went down. Once she was back to normal, we set off and enjoyed the rest of our time in the Lancaster area.


Now that we are back home, we are looking forward to our next adventure!!

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