Lyrics by P.F. Donato

We love to laugh, joke, and smile
To walk a mile
But there are days we must part
Each day becomes a new start
Throughout the day I think of you
I think of all the things we do
The times we spend together becomes the past
It's a chapter in our story that'll last
Each day will bring more
I could ever hope for

In time we’ll renew
There’s nothing we can do

In our minds we’ll not forget
The times shared and we’ll never regret
Days turn to weeks and then to years
Those are the time for tears
We part without a smile
No more walking the mile
Lost a lover and a friend
This seems to be the end
A longing for what we had
Though time has made us sad

In time we’ll forget the past
There’s nothing that’ll last

© Copyright 2021 P.F. Donato

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