Lyrics written by P.F. Donato

The sorrow never passes
Each day is the same
When will it end
Time will tell

How could you leave me
At a time like this
We had our moment
And our future was bliss
But you left me 
And floated up to heaven

You got your wings
One day too early
You weren’t ready
But God said you were

You were too young
Someone said
But the light guided you

Why oh why
There is no answer
Only darkness
At a time like this

You were taken from me
I wish I had a say
You shouldn’t have left
But you did

Wondering where you are
Are you floating above
Or standing next to me
Will you ever get a chance
To tell me you’re all right

I pray for answers
Nothing came
I pray for your return
You didn’t arrive
I pray you are happy
As I look above

No one knows the meaning of life
It is delt without reason
Why does some leave and others stay
Oh Lord I need to know

Oh Lord help me,
The pain is unbearable
I don’t know where to turn
And all you reply is “Look Above”

You shouldn’t have taken him
We weren’t done
We had so much to do in life
And all is ruined

But there will be a day
That I will be back by your side
Please wait for me 
And don’t let our love die

Will the pain ever stop
I mean really stop
Everything reminds me of you
I can’t take one look
Without seeing your image
Before me and all around me
When will the pain stop

It hurts 
Let it stop
Pain must go
To begin again

I call upon you
For your guidance
Please tell me what you know
And help me to understand

© Copyright 2022 P.F. Donato

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