My Dream Became Reality

Lyrics written by P.F. Donato

I never thought this day would come,

The day when I can finally say “I’m done.”

The journey was long as I thought it would never end,

But as of today I would say it’s a Godsend.

To live my life around my book for so long,

I am at a point in my life that I can say I belong.

It has been a lifelong dream to be a success,

As I continue my life I can only progress.

There were many falls as it were a hard road to travel,

But I would pick myself back up as it all came unraveled.

I would dust myself off as I held my head high,

But now that I am there I can give a big sigh.

A sigh of relief as I start a new venture in life,

But getting noticed may be strife.

As each day becomes a new,

Life continues on as I make it through.

And with each day I have stood my ground,

Looking back I am spellbound.

After many nights of writing words,

What may look to be far away can only bring me forward.

With what I have accomplished here today,

Happiness is what I can only display.

© Copyright 2019 P.F. Donato

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