Teddy & Teah’s Adventures #3

Bucket list #3 ~ Pennsylvania: We bought a seasonal camper and the pups love it. It’s close to our home so we can do overnight trips or day trips. As soon as they hear “Let’s go to the camper” they get excited. I don’t even have to leash them–they run straight to the car. I put their seatbelts on and they sit quietly for the ride. Once we’re close, Teddy starts barking. He gets so excited that he just wants to get out of the car immediately.

Once there, they hang out in the fenced-in area we made for them while we get everything cleaned up and ready. We go for walks and they have a 15-year-old pug friend named LuLu. She is always happy to see them. The neighbor kids love taking walks with us, sometimes up to six kids. They all love Teah and Teddy.

When we return to the camper, we get the fire going and the grill started. The pups know that when we’re grilling, they get a special treat at the camper. They enjoy being there as much as we do.

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