The Story of Anaiah

Anaiah and the Cursed Souls Trilogy by P.F. Donato

Encountering an evil so long ago, but yet still etched in my mind as if it were yesterday. An evil so great, it is impossible to shake for all eternity, as it haunts me for the rest of my days. How could such evil take on human form?

At one point in our lives, I think we all have evil we must face. Some more than others, but it does exist around all of us. An absolute evil so wicked, it can overpower you to make wrong decisions; to corrupt the weak minded and deprive them of who they should be. Even though we face evil on a daily bases, it is how we deal with that evil that makes us who we are; what made her who she is today.

As the book became a part of me, it inspired me to continue on. It captured my senses and consumed my life as I was drawn in. To this point, I had no clue where it was guiding me. The story would bring me forth while I sat to write. Day after day, pictures would form in my mind as I was led into a world I could not break away from. I walked side by side through the passageways; watching as it took shape while the characters came alive and our worlds collided.

As it shadowed my life, I began to understand more about their lives and the place where they must fight for freedom, for the goodness within all of us, and why we must save the human race from all the evil that exists within it—the hatred, fear, and greed that causes one to do harm—to rid the plague that surrounds us.

This story will not only intrigue your senses, but will captivate you by its context as you surrender to your emotions. Come and follow me on a journey to Amayntas…

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